Isabel’s Top 4 Favourites & Favorite Position
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Isabel is a beautiful girl and a cheerful nature. Her blond hair, her natural face and her absolutely likeable and great smile radiate a sensual innocence.

Her friendly and open-minded way to illustrate the image of the “perfect girl next door”.

But what lies beneath the blouse and the skirt business, is the fabric men’s dreams are made from.A nice sporty body with solid curves and a beautiful skin.

She loves to pack her beautiful body in sexy lingerie and enjoys the look in your face when you see what she has choosen for you.

Isabel is very curios. She loves adventure and mystery and loves to try new things and enjoys every moment of sensual eroticism.

If you are looking for a totally sensual and natural premium escort, then Isabel is certainly a recommendation for you.

Name: Isabel

Alter: 20

Größe: 165 cm

Specials: likes beautiful lingerie