Vanessa’s Top 4 + Favorite Position:
Girlfriendsex, dildo games, french and doggy

Vanessa is a stunning blonde with lots of charm, playful sex appeal and a lot of fantasy & curiosity.

She is a smart young woman, so multifaceted that you can hardly describe it.

Long blond hair, which gently fall on her well-trained body. Gorgeous full lips, big eyes and a stylish appearance on every occasion.

Vanessa loves the world of sensual seduction and lives it like no other. Intense tongues all over her body, sensual massages and “dirty talk” are their absolute weak points … without losing their sweet, cheeky smile.

Lean back and let your unique voice lead you into a world of pure eroticism. She is whispering with pleasure and is at least as happy to be lead …

Her absolutely authentic style makes Vanessa a unique and exciting lady.

Name: Vanessa

Age: 20

Height: 1,64 cm

Specials: tattoos