Nina’s Top 4 + position:
Kissing, clothed Sex, lingerie , massages, + riding

Nina is the perfect “girl next door”. Sugar sweet and honest in their nature, inconspicuous charisma and a body as drawn.

She makes no secret of her passion for fine lingerie & stockings. She loves to wrap her luxury body in the finest underwear to fully enjoy the big “Aha!” Moment in your eyes.

Beautiful face, long legs, smooth natural blond hair that gently rest on her gentle shoulders … What more do you want?

But you must not be fooled by her big, shy eyes. Nina knows exactly what she wants and also how she gets it.

Even if you look here on a petite student with an absolutely unique splendor pot .. – Be on the alert. Nina is a lot, but boredom is not one of her qualities.

Name: Nina

Age: 21

Height: 1,68 cm

Specials: no Tattoos